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We negotiate the perfect price for your next home

With Bolighed, you get a personal advisor for your home purchase, that is 100% on your side.

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Example of price reduction

Housing price 2.000.000 kr.
Negotiated price reduction -100.000 kr.
Property selling price 1.900.000 kr.
Housing fee
(10% of price reduction)
10.000 kr.
You save 90.000 kr.

Why Use a Buyer Broker?

  • We are experts in negotiating the best price for you.
  • You get help with find a house that best fits your dreams and support with all documents.
  • We only take 10% of the price reduction if the deal goes through. If it doesn’t, you pay nothing.

What is the difference?

Buyer’s Broker Real estate agent
On the buyer's side On the seller's side
Interested in biggest price reduction Interested in selling at the highest price
Supports you throughout the home purchase, offer, price negotiation Pricing of property, open house, treatment of offers, final sale

Meet one of our merchant brokers

Hans Møllnitz Olsen is a housing economist and former real estate agent. He has many years of experience in negotiation techniques and knows the rules of the game.

“My role is to advise home buyers throughout the deal. I answer their questions and am clear about every step of the process. My focus is to negotiate the house price on behalf of the buyers so they get the best deal possible."

- Hans Møllnitz Olsen
Hans Møllnitz Olsen
Buyer’s Agent
Phone: 70 22 40 60

What buyers are saying

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    Hans helped us through our home purchase from start to finish. He was always available – even on weekends! I highly recommend Bolighed Buyers Agent for anyone who wants to buy a house. And we also got the house below the asking price, even though there were several interested buyers.

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Daniel

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    What a great experience. I have only the best to say about the service I received. No industry jargon or misleading words – just clear explanations in a language I understood and felt I was empathized with

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Karin

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    It was a VERY comfortable experience. Hans is a very thorough and pleasant man. He followed up on everything that was important for me as a buyer to feel safe. Hans asked the right questions to the seller, and listened 100% to my wishes and concerns.

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Niels Erik Holm Christensen

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    As first-time buyers, we received fantastic help from Hans from Bolighed Buyers Agent. He answered all our questions both big and small. He guided us throughout the entire process – right from viewing houses to signing the contract on our new home.

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Simone

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    We were nervous first-time buyers – confused and intimidated by the buying process. Right from the start, we were confident that our consultant would guide us through the purchase.

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Steffen Lunn

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    Incredibly useful, supportive and a great help for new homeowners

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Natasha

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Get answers to frequently asked questions

  • What is a broker?

    A broker is 100% on the buyer’s side. In the majority of cases, the seller uses a real estate agent to manage the sale. This agent will always take care of the seller's interests.

    As a buyer, you can often be alone in the negotiations, unless you have a professional advisor beside you. Your broker is an expert in buying houses who will support you in every detail of the buying process. Their job is to make the entire process as comfortable as possible.

  • What can a broker help with?

    Your broker keeps you updated with every detail – from the moment to dream of your new home, to the moment you have the keys in your hand.

    We help you find the right accommodation, keep track of the documents and do the tough part – negotiate the price! Our business partners can also provide additional assistance – like a survey and legal help – should you need it.

  • How can I save money with a broker?

    The purchase of a home is likely one of your biggest investments. And since you don’t do this regularly, it can be easy to miss important details. So it’s vital to make sure you are paying the right price for the right house – that you don’t overlook any structural issues or problems with the house. Also – it’s crucial that you are paying in line with the rest of the market.

    With Bolighed Buyers Agent, you get a dedicated and experienced advisor who helps you avoid the typical pitfalls of a home purchase and negotiates the best price for you.

  • Why should I choose a Bolighed Buyers Agent?

    Our agents are on your side 100%. We don’t take a fee if you don’t buy the house, so we have your interests and needs top of mind. We manage the entire buying process for you, which means you’re never in the dark about what’s going on. What’s more, almost half of new home buyers use a broker to secure their new home – isn’t it time you joined them?

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