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Buyer’s Agent

Get an experienced legal advisor for your home purchase

Let us guide you and handle all the legal paperwork when buying your next home.

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Law professional specialized in home purchase

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We handle the entire home buying process

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With our “No buy – no pay” policy you only pay if the deal goes through

Members of the Danish Realtor Association –
your guarantee for high standard and insurance coverage

Certified by the Danish Realtor Association

All services in one package

  • We review all the documents
  • We write an approval letter
  • We write legal deed regarding the ownership of property
  • We make a refund statement and get the seller's acceptance
  • We contact real estate agent and bank
  • We advise you on all aspects
Note: When buying farms or limited liability condominium other prices will apply. Call to get a quote.

Or feel free to call us +45 7022 4060
Open every day from 9 am to 10 pm


Meet our team

Are you looking for a new home in Denmark? Or have you already found it? We can help you all the way. Call us today at +45 7022 4060.

Merethe Prinds Hedegaard
Legal advisor
Ilan Nadelmann
Buyer’s Agent
Hans Møllnitz Olsen
Buyer’s Agent

Why you can’t afford not using our services

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On the buyer's side

A real estate agent represents the seller of a property. We represent you as a home buyer throughout the entire process and take care of every little detail.

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Successful conveyancing of home purchase

We have many years of experience with real estate purchase and we are a preferred legal advisor.

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The option of canceling a signed home purchase agreement

We always recommend our clients to include the reservation of right for an advisor's review for provisos (rådgiverforbehold) before you sign a contract.

A free review of your home purchase agreement

It is often a nerve wrecking decision to sign a home purchase agreement. Let us review it before you sign – free and with no-obligations.

Or feel free to call us +45 7022 4060
Open every day from 9 am to 10 pm

Our clients are happy new homeowners

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    Hans helped us through our home purchase from start to finish. He was always available – even on weekends! I highly recommend Bolighed Buyers Agent for anyone who wants to buy a house. And we also got the house below the asking price, even though there were several interested buyers.

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Daniel

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    What a great experience. I have only the best to say about the service I received. No industry jargon or misleading words – just clear explanations in a language I understood and felt I was empathized with

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Karin

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    It was a VERY comfortable experience. Hans is a very thorough and pleasant man. He followed up on everything that was important for me as a buyer to feel safe. Hans asked the right questions to the seller, and listened 100% to my wishes and concerns.

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Niels Erik Holm Christensen

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    As first-time buyers, we received fantastic help from Hans from Bolighed Buyers Agent. He answered all our questions both big and small. He guided us throughout the entire process – right from viewing houses to signing the contract on our new home.

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Simone

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    We were nervous first-time buyers – confused and intimidated by the buying process. Right from the start, we were confident that our consultant would guide us through the purchase.

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Steffen Lunn

  • Trustpilot rating stars 5

    Incredibly useful, supportive and a great help for new homeowners

    Billede af bruger på trustpilot

    By Natasha

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need a legal advisor when buying a home?

    When you have found a home that you would like to buy, you are in need of legal counseling to handle all legal documents before the home can be officially yours. This is called a corrigendum (In Danish “berigtigelse”).

    Your legal advisor will also take you through the agreement and help you understand all the details of the deal.

  • When do I need a legal advisor?

    We offer to read the home purchase agreement before you sign. In this way we will ensure that everything is correct and according to your wishes and needs.

    If you already have signed the home purchase agreement we can help you close the deal by handling all the legal documents and guide you through the process.

    Remember that Bolighed Buyer’s Agent can also help you find the right home, do a home evaluation and negotiate the best price. Read more about our services here.

  • Is it possible to opt out of a home purchase agreement and how?

    When you receive a home purchase agreement we always recommend that you make sure to include the reservation of right for advisor's review for provisos before you sign. In danish it is called a “rådgiverforbehold”.

    If this is included in the agreement you can opt out with no cost if your advisor doesn’t approve the deal.

    You also have a right of cancellation without a “rådgiverforbehold” in your agreement. In this case you will have to pay 1% of the sales price.

    We offer to review your home purchase agreement for free. Just call us at +45 7022 4060.

  • Is it possible to buy individual legal services without the entire package?

    To keep it simple for you we offer one home-buyer-package with everything you need. However, it is also possible to buy individual legal services from us.

    Call us at +45 7022 4060 to get a quote.

  • Danish Land Registration (tinglysning) - What is it and how much does it cost?

    When you are buying a house in Denmark you will hear the word “tinglysning”. This is a public registration of ownership.

    Your legal advisor will write a digital document called a “skøde” where it is stated that you are the owner of the property. This will need to be “tinglyst” at a cost of 0,6% of your home’s sales price + a fee of 1.640 DKK.

    Other documents that will need to be “tinglyst” is a mortage deed (1.45% of the amount + a fee of 1640 DKK) and an easement (1.660 DKK).

    Confused? Let us help you. Call us at +45 7022 4060

Tips and inspiration for your home purchase